The original post was issued a charter on July 16, 1921. The post was named after Oscar Bothun, who was born in April 1891 in Albert Lee, Minnesota and came to the Sherwood area in 1904 with his parents. Oscar joined the Service in June 1918 and was sent to a camp in California. He went overseas in August 1918, was killed in action in Sept. 1918, and was buried in the American Battle Cemetery called "Apremont Suraire", located in the Ardennes Forest.

Charter members of the Bothun post were:
Oswald Engh             Clyd Rotzman           Adolph Lavik

Oscar Carlson           Oscar A. Neubauer      Charles OHultman

Godfrey Peterson        John C. Campbell       Mike Breslin    

Lewis Taylor            Paul Neubauer          J. B. Greaves

Ray Shong               Herb O. Sabin          L. P. Oadson

No records of the original post or post officers are to be found. The post was disbanded and the charter was surrendered in 1925.

In 1944 and early 1945, there was a good deal of talk about reorganizing the old post. On Sept. 6, 1945, Leland Hansen wrote a letter requesting information about reorganizing the post. When Sherwood received the particulars from Legion Headquarters, the men organized the new post under the name of Bothun-Peterson, and the charter was issued Oct. 27, 1945. The name Bothun was in honor of the old post, and Peterson was for the new post, in honor of three Peterson boys from Sherwood (Glenn, Lyle, and Roy) who were killed in action during WWII.

Glenn Harley Peterson was born Aug. 15, 1925 to Harold Peterson and Mathilda Peterson Hazeltine. He enlisted in the US Navy on April 12, 1943. After training at the Farragut, Idaho Naval station, he went overseas and was assigned aboard the Cruiser USS Indianapolis as a radio operator. He was killed in action on July 30, 1945 when the cruiser was sunk in the Pacific.

Lyle Willard Peterson was born in 1918 to Harold Peterson and Mathilda Peterson Hazeltine. He entered the service in 1944 and was assigned to the 10th Tank Division under General Patton. He was killed in action on March 21, 1945 in Europe

Roy Edward Peterson was born Jan. 6, 1913 to John and Constance Peterson in Sherwood. He entered the service in the fall of 1942, and was stationed at an Army Airforce base in Arizona as an Airplane mechanic. He was killed in an airplane propeller accident on June 17, 1943.

The charter members of the American Legion Bothun-Peterson post were:
Don Hanson                      Leland A. Hansen        C. V. Volk

Charles W. Mattern              Paul Neubauer           A. E. Jacobson

Leonard S. Warwick              Elmer M. Byhre          Amos Duerre

Lyle Newhouse                   George P. Miller        Thomas Sakshaug

Russell D. Teters               Clarence Keel           Amy T. Sanderson

Warren Daeley                   William H. Coutts       Alvin R. Hall

Bernice A. Neubauer             Robert H. Tvetan        Leonard Schiffman

Arnold Engh

Post Commanders

1945 Don Hanson

1946 Don Hanson         1947 Charles Mattern    1948 Clarence Keel

1949 Warren Daley       1950 Dale Roberts       1951 Robert Owens

1952 Leonard Smith      1953 Aaron Trout        1954 Ben Hurdlebrink

1955 Don Knodel         1956 Harry Anderson     1957 Vernon Hain

1958 Trig Knutson       1959 Paul Neubauer      1960 Orlin Hanson

1961 Arnold Magnuson    1962 Philip Volk        1963 Paul Krenz

1964 Duane Vig          1965 Harold Rusch       1966 Oran Keith

1967 Willie Kosel       1968 Darwin Clark       1969 Earl Engh

1970 Fred Goodman       1971 Orrin Duchien      1972 George Heller

1973 John Daeley        1974 Eugene Johnson     1975 John E. Stiles

1976 Orlin Hanson       1977 Terry Miller       1978 Terry Miller

1979 John Daeley        1980 Rich Eide          1981 Mike McCarty

1982 Mike McCarty       1983 Dwight Knutson     1984 Dwight Knutson

1985 Ron Tinglestad     1986 Ron Tinglestad     1987 Bruce Sanderson

1988 Bruce Sanderson    1989 Bruce Sanderson    1990 Paul Krenz

1991 Paul Krenz         1992 Orlin Hanson       1993 Orlin Hanson

1994 Brad Johnson	      1995 Brad Johnson       1996 Lynn Price

1996 Lynn Price         1998 Max Hurdelbrink    1999 Max Hurdelbrink

2000 Jim Larson         2001 Jim Larson         2002 Jim Larson

2003 Jim Larson         2004 Terry Miller       2005 Terry Miller

Through the years, the local American Legion post has faithfully served our community. Among its many endeavors are:
Construction of the Sherwood Memorial Hall in 1950-51 through a community effort with a total cost for materials of $27,000. Thought to be an impossible task by some, but quoting from an article in the Rugby Tribune 1952,"The driving force behind this project was one Bob Owen, Post Commander, and luckily a first class carpenter. He worked both shifts without pay. Mountains can be moved by one man who is a leader of faith, generosity, industry, talent and enthusiasm."

Since June 1947, the American Legion Auxiliary Unit 213 of Sherwood, ND has supported the local American Legion Post and the community through its many service activities.
The charter members were:

Mrs William Kosel       Mrs Donald Hanson           Mrs Sarah Peterson

Mrs Leland Hansen       Mrs Gordon Anderson         Mrs Ben Armstrong

Mrs Mae Daeley          Mrs Warren Daeley           Mrs George Eltz

Mrs Glenn Hanson        Mrs Herman Hanson           Mrs Mathilda Haseltine

Mrs George Hefter       Mrs Dean Henderson          Mrs Edwin Krzebethowski

Mrs Katherine Lund      Mrs Albert Magnuson         Mrs Lewis Nelson

Mrs Andrew Magnuson     Mrs Arnold Magnuson         Mrs Neville Nelson

Mrs Arnold Neubauer     Mrs Helen Peterson          Mrs John Peterson

Mrs Dale Roberts        Mrs Nilia Sakshaug          Mrs Sidney Sanderson

Mrs Fred Sawyer         Mrs Robert Stanley

From the original 29 members, the Auxiliary has grown to 59 members, many of whom still play an active role in the community. In addition to providing lunch to all the parade goers and veterans after the Memorial Day service, they support the following activities: