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Business Contact Address  Phone (701)
Citizens State Bank Gladys Lakefield PO Box 37 459-2258
Engh Hardware Arnold or Allen Engh Main Street 459-2246
Farmers Union Oil Mike Aassen PO Box 69 459-2221
Johnson Gravel Co Wayne Johnson 3890 104th St 459-2274
Kathy's Beauty Shop Kathy Aalund PO Box 101 459-2412
Knutson Farm Service Brian Knutson 4880 106th St. 459-2276
Mouse River Insurance Reede Benning PO Box 71 459-2292
Netties Diner Nettie Daeley PO Box 56 459-2293
Pioneer Seeds Jeff Volk PO Box 162 459-2419
Precision Farm Parts Mike Ellingson PO Box 220 459-2228
Reon Bernsdorf Construction Reon Bernsdorf 142 4th Ave. 459-2896
Septic Service Ross Carter PO Box 63 459-2495
Sherwood American Legion Orlin Hanson PO Box 28 459-2798
Stanley Welding Bill Stanley PO Box 111 459-2880
The New Northern Lights Bar & Steakhouse Tammy Weltikol PO Box 236 459-2792
Western Ag Labs Ron or Jacob 333 E 1st St. 459-2424

Business Spotlight

Western Ag Labs is a crop nutrition planning service that utilizes the patented Plant Root Simulator (PRS) technology. PRS probes have nutrient absorbing membranes that "sees what the plant sees" which gives growers a more accurate measure of soil nutrient supply. the PRS Nutrient Forecastor is a computer software program that utilizes PRS data by integrating the climate and soil conditions of a particular field to determine its yield potential. As nutrient, climate and soil conditions are adjusted with the PRS Nutrient Forecastor, growers can choose to increase or decrease the applied fertilizer to achieve the maximum economic yield and new economic return. Western Ag Labs will provide a trained Field Service Representative to sample the field, do the soil analysis, and help the growers build a balanced crop nutrition plan. Western Ag Labs North Dakota is located at 333 E. 1st St., Sherwood, ND 58782 or call 701-459-2424 or 701-263-1529 to talk to Ron or Jacob.