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History of the Sherwood International Memorial Day Service 

In the 1942 edition of the Sherwood Tribune, it carried the lead story "Battle of the Border". It went on to state that . . . "on May 30th, 1942 the American Legion of Sherwood met the Canadian Legion face to face on the boundary line two miles north of Sherwood. The American Legion : crossed the line and followed the Canadian Legion into Canada several rods. They then halted and formed two lines, with the Canadian bagpipes leading in advance of the columns of American and Canadian Legions,they all crossed the International Boundary into American territory. There were no wounded, dying, or dead left after this advance. This was a friendly meeting of two democratic freedom loving people. It was a demonstration of two nations who have learned to live in peace and harmony. . ." they have learned to love thy neighbor as thyself." 

2012 Memorial Day Celebration- 5/28/12

Veterans Day Movie
History of the Sherwood American Legion
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American Legion History - The "Rum" jar 1957

History of American Legion Post
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2006 - Terry Miller
2007 - Terry Miller
2008 - Terry Miller
2009 - John Daeley
2010 - John Daeley
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1936 Prosperty Township Baseball Team.
Can you guess who they are?

My guess who they are.. Orlin Hanson, Sherwood 

Back row
Carl Krueger, Maurice Walsh, Cel Volk, Don Hanson, Wag Haskins
Front row
Gerald Lundby, Joe Volk, Glen Hanson, Russ Keller

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