69th Annual
Memorial Day Services

Monday, May 29, 2005
Sherwood ND

The American Legion

Bothun-Peterson Post Number 213

Some of the highlights of these 69 years

The 69 th Annual International Memorial Day service will be held in Sherwood on Monday May 29, 2006 beginning at 10:15 am with the exchanging of the Colors and welcoming of our Canadian Comrades and friends at the International Border 2 miles north of Sherwood.

State American Legion Commander Elect Wayne Satrom, will be the guest speaker at the 69 th Annual International Memorial Day services to be held in Sherwood at the High School on Monday May 29 th 2006 beginning at 11:00 am.

Since the beginning of the International Memorial Day services in Sherwood in 1938 we have had some Memorial Moments.

The first 14 years the program was held in the “Old gym” in the Sherwood High School. We then built the Memorial Hall down town in 1951 and the services were held there for the next 22 or 23 years. After the new school gym was built we have held the program there for the last 30 years or so. With the new gym floor and bleachers it makes a perfect setting for this ceremony. We are very happy to be able to use the school facilitates and have their complete cooperation.

During WW II the services were symbolic, what with the War taking place all over the World, no International border was safe to cross or live near.

Here was one between two countries that had no guards, just check points to stop at and declare your goods and then be on your way. The International Peace Garden says it all in that we will never take up arms against each other and here we are shaking hands across this border for the 69th time.

In 1957, the Drum & Bugle Corp and Rifle troop from Camp Shilo, Manitoba accepted our invitation to come and participate. That was the first time foreign troops had crossed our borders with their weapons. That invitation went through a lot of channels before it was approved. Our own Gov. Davis was the guest speaker that year and was one of the largest crowds ever to attend this event. It was estimated by the Canadian press that over 1500 people attended.

The services in 1998 were considered one of the most dramatic, as the theme was the sinking of the Indianapolis during the last days of WW II in the South Pacific and the subsequent loss of life that followed. A Sherwood boy, Glen Peterson, was one of those who lost his life in that tragedy.

This year will be very special too as a Lady from Nebraska, Monica Harvey, called and was wondering if I knew of program in North Dakota where she could put on a special program giving a belated Welcome Home to Our Viet Nam Veterans. I told her about our International Memorial Day Service and she thought it would be the perfect place to come too. She will be handing out medals and certificates to all Viet Nam Veterans and singing a couple of songs. We want you all to come and help us welcome this Lady to our community.

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